UX Testing

Test your website professionally

Find out everything you need to know about your site before committing to a redesign.

Find out the truth by testing your website professionally. 



  • 6+ Tested Areas
  • Reported Results
  • Recommendation



  • Essential Package plus:
  • 1 user experience test
  • User testing analysis



  • Premium Package plus:
  • Comprehensive usability report
  • Up to 5 user experience tests

Frequently Asked Questions

You should choose the best testing package for your needs.

If you require a simple decision on whether you should upgrade your site based on a report and manual decision, the Essential package should suit your needs.

If you require a real user to test your site in addition to one of our professionals and an analysis of this test, you should opt for the Premium package.

If you are not testing to determine whether or not you should upgrade your site, but rather how you can test or improve certain features, you should opt for the Platinum package.

You can upgrade your choice of professional testing package within 30 days of purchase. 

Real users conduct testing for our Make You Digital testing packages. 

Qualified User Experience Designers create and conduct the initial usability tests and determine the final recommendation of whether your site should be remodelled. 

This depends on the type of package chosen and the size of the site in question. Essential testing packages usually take no more than 1 to 2 weeks. 

Premium and Platinum testing can take longer, as there are bespoke elements to these tests and they require your input (i.e. to advise special details that should be tested). 


Absolutely! We can focus on certain areas or test the usability of specific features. Bespoke testing is one of our specialties. 

Yes, we can completely re-test all or part of certain elements. We can create a bespoke testing plan for your business, on retainer. Simply contact us with your requirements and we can work together to meet your custom testing needs. 

You can provide your own users for our ongoing testing packages. We will gladly work with repeat clients on retainer who have their own testers. We look forward to getting to know your team.

If you are considering testing, you are on the way to being ready for testing. Beware – user testing can provide shocking results. If the feedback is taken on, you can improve your project.

User experience testing is an extremely powerful tool and can help to determine the viability of a product. 

If you are ready to face the truth – whether it is the good, bad or ugly; then you should purchase our Platinum package or even contact us for a bespoke plan.