Test Your Site for Free

Not everybody can afford to remodel their site every couple of years. In fact, how would you even know that you needed a remodel of your website? Would it be from all of the developers and designers who call you repeatedly, telling you that your site (which brings in many visitors by the way), is ugly and needs a remodel? Could you even trust someone who says that when your site has been bringing you business? Who knows? Not all designers and developers are the same. This is why if you are on a budget, it is important for you to consider all of your options and really find out whether you need a whole new website. Attention small business owners – this one is for you. It is also for designers and developers who are struggling to find clients, because you mightn’t be aware of the nightmares that business owners actually face.

Small business owners get spammed all the time.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you’ll probably find that even with a professional spam filter, you get some sort of spam emails from web designers all around the world trying to get your business. If this has happened to you (and you are a designer or developer), imagine how many unsuspecting brick-and-mortar shops this has happened to. Now, if you’re a designer, you have a level of technical know-how. Imagine how non-technical business owners must feel when they’re in the middle of spam. If a well-spoken salesperson calls them and rattles off nonsense about their security, many will definitely sound alarm bells. That’s not the type of false business that we want to gain.

It’s not easy to create a solid business case for redesigns.

How can the value of your work be seen, if your client already has a website? Sometimes, no matter what you offer, it will be too expensive. That’s because of the old adage about “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” There is some merit in this adage in the case of web designers, because as with every industry, not everyone has integrity, and not everyone has the required skills. There have been so many cases of web redesigns that have actually made things worse for business owners. So how to fix this? How can you help clients see whether they really need a redesign? In many cases, it won’t happen simply by you trying to convince them – they’ll probably think that you’re the other guy.
Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the clients who you do not have access to, came to you begging for you to remodel their site, with the cash saved and ready to pay?

How will this happen? Well let’s see: this is how.

If a business owner honestly needs a site update or upgrade, then they should find out by getting their site tested. Now, not everybody can afford our fantastic, affordable and thorough testing packages. However, most can afford our client’s fabulous new eBook, which will teach them how to test their site (for free). It won’t be a matter of you testing it for them, and them being suspicious of your motives; no. The clients will use this book to test the site themselves. In fact, if you are a small business owner and you want to know if you need a new website, and you cannot afford our extensive range of testing services (or anyone else’s); and you’re sick of web designers calling you and telling you how terrible your site is, you should consider reading this book.

What if I just want to earn more money?

That’s absolutely fine too. Our client, the author of this book, has setup a way for you to do so: it is called affiliate marketing. If you sign up for free on their preferred affiliate marketing platform (in this case, it is Click2Sell), then you can actually earn 40% of the sale price of the eBook for each book sold. When you have earned enough money, then you can pay for your website remodel or redesign, if you still need it.

The book has a cute landing page here and it has loads of samples available for your potential customers to read via Books2Read – meaning that they can see the sample on their preferred platform.

Why is Make You Digital sharing this?

There are actually a few reasons. Firstly, our main customers are businesses and freelancers. We are passionate about helping businesses and freelancers as much as possible because we believe that business is the way forward. Secondly, Test Your Site for Free is actually one of our clients. We read the book when it was in development stages and we loved it. As a company that completes web design and development for a living, we were honoured to have been asked to complete the Test Your Site for Free eBook. We also agree with the author’s cause 100%.

So go on, read this fantastic book on Books2Read or better yet, go and make some money as an affiliate.