3 Essential Features of a Website

In designing a website, functionality is key. It’s also essential for the site to look beautiful and feel easy to use. Everyone aims for this, but what else is required to have a modern website?

1. Multiple Devices

It’s called “responsive design” in technical speak. It’s a way of designing websites so that they’re easy to see and use across multiple devices. If your website is designed with responsiveness in mind at the start, this can save you bucketloads of money in the future. Many business owners realise that their websites are uncomfortable to use on different web browsers, mobile devices or tablets after they’ve paid for a design. A redesign can often cost more than an initial one because maintaining someone else’s code can be far more time consuming than creating something new. Before committing, make sure your web designer makes responsive websites, rather than just flashy ones. If you’d like to test if your website is responsive, check out this free tool: www.responsinator.com

2. SSL Certificates & Security

Consumers care about their security. If you are selling products, you should have a SSL certificate installed. If you have any logins (including the one to your own back end), then you should have a SSL certificate installed. SSL certificates are important tools which help protect data – both for you, and for your clients. A benefit of SSL certificates is that you get a green padlock in the security bar like this:

If you don’t have a correctly installed SSL certificate, some browsers will show something far uglier, that is a security warning that’ll scare many customers away:

This warning looks different across the browsers, but it’s a great reason to have a SSL certificate.

3. Clear Calls to Action

What’s the purpose of your website? You need to know what you’re aiming for. Once you know that, it’s important to have that call to action visible and easy to use on your site. Whether it’s to entice customers into contacting you, booking an appointment or displaying a showcase of your work, you should have an easy to use call to action. You don’t want the important features of your site to be difficult to use or find. You want them to be easy.

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